Module 3: mans impact on our waterways

Module 3

About this experience

Other than Antarctica, New Zealand is the last major land mass to be inhabited. While Australia has been inhabited for over 50,000 years, New Zealand has only had a permanent human population for around 1,000 years. The impact of humans on the land, particularly in the last two centuries, has been dramatic and we have seen a totally different environment emerge to what was there 1000 years ago. And this is particularly true when we look at our waterways and aquatic life.

This module explores why and how trout came to New Zealand and some of the changes their introduction has caused. We look at the positive and negative impact trout have had on the ecosystem, society and the economy. Time will be spent in the hatchery and on the rivers looking at how trout have become the most protected introduced aquatic species in the country. Why do you have to have a licence to fish for trout (but not for any native fish even though many are in danger of extinction for instance)

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