Module 5: Fly fishing in the Trout Capital of NZ

Module 5

About this experience

New Zealand is a major destination for avid anglers world-wide. The American writer Zane Grey called New Zealand “The angler’s El Dorado” and from that time, anglers have flocked to our shores to experience the pinnacle of fly fishing. Prior to covid, trout fishing was estimated to earn around half a billion dollars per annum. It is big business, employing many people and has become a very important part of our economy. It also is an important source of food for many communities and is highly regarded for the recreational and health benefits it offers to many people.

The TNTC has a superb well stocked fishing pond where students can fish with an experience local angler and experience the thrill of casting a fly and catching a rainbow trout (which they can then take home!)

As well they can spend time in the largest freshwater fishing museum in the country and find out more about the history of trout in New Zealand.

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