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Tongariro National Troutcentre

Fishing the Tongariro

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Fishing the Tongariro, Grant Henderson's new history of the Tongariro is a handsome and well-written addition to the literature of the region.
As published in hardback it has a striking black and white photograph of a vintage angler on the cover, freshly landed fish in his right hand, rod in his left, with the river rumbling behind him.
This properly sets the stage for a book full of local history, striking photographs and culture. Legendary characters and their stories strongly feature as well as the organizations who have shaped the fishery. The Tongariro National Trout Centre, who hosts you tonight, has a devoted chapter.
The history of the river, both physical and cultural are explored, the early days of the fishery, the pioneering characters who have lived in Turangi, and the impact modern engineering schemes have had on the river are are all carefully described. 
This welcome volume is deeply informative, entertaining, and contains fascinating photographs of people and places. It certainly allows the reader to reflect on the past and cast a concerned critical eye on the future.
Fishing the Tongariro deserves a place beside every Tongariro anglers reading chair, fireside coffee table or on their bookcase. "

Paul Hannah-Jones, Barrister